Heritage Language Courses / Enseñanza

SPAN2050 Topics in Spanish: Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Language Speakers

This course builds on the students’ language competence to expand vocabulary, spelling and punctuation, formal grammar knowledge, and composition strategies. The emphasis is on developing speaking, reading, and writing through current topics that are culturally and linguistically relevant to Heritage Learners.

SPAN3203 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

This course emphasizes speaking, reading, and writing in a way that capitalizes the student´s prior contact with the Spanish language. It expands the student´s language competence and professionalism in Spanish through the discussion of topics that are relevant to heritage speakers and a focus on cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion.

SPAN4050 Selected Topics in Spanish: Spanish in the U.S.

This course provides an overview of Spanish in the US. In the first part of the course, we will explore the history of Spanish in the region as well as different linguistic varieties of the Spanish language spoken in the US. Students will also identify the factors that affect Spanish acquisition as a minoritized language. In the second part of the class, we will examine the contact situation between Spanish and English by closely looking at some linguistic patterns that characterized this variety. Finally, the course will focus on sociocultural aspects such as language policies in the US, the relationship between language and identity, and the future of Spanish in this nation.